Eco-Graffiti and Grassity Moss Art Grace London, New York

Green Graffiti Mossberger Project photo
Good public art stops you in your tracks, while the best public art also opens up a new thought channel in your head. Which, in terms of the evolution of the environmental ethos, may be what we all really need right now.

Moss greens up public space
Anna Garforth's green graffiti on display at London's Clissold Park, is called the Mossberger Project and is part of YCN, a two-week global art initiative - in Stockholm, Tallin, New York, Amsterdam, etc. as well as London. The moss, which Garforth uses for letters to display words, is just so much more friendly than spray paint as a way of leaving a semi-permanent message. And green...and biodegradable!

Garforth used a mixture of natural yogurt and sugar to get the moss to cling to the bricks. Eventually the moss in Garforth's messages will colonize and take over on the wall. Hit the jump to see the entire phrase, from a poem by Eleanor Stevens, as well as more examples of moss art. Via ::TrendHunter.comMore Moss Art photo
Edina Tokodi Moss Graffiti photo
Edina Tokodi is an artist that has worked with moss as a form of green graffiti for some time now. Find more at mosstika
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