Eco-fying Art Sold Online To Benefit Environmental Causes

eco-fy art online

"Liquid Azaleas" by Artist McKenzie

The Eco-fy store is an online art shop where all of the profits from the sold artwork go to environmental causes. The work appears to be done by a semi-mysterious artist referred to only as Artist McKenzie. According to the website, the artist uses sustainable wood frames, either tree-free or recycled paper, and uses eco-friendly inks on all of her works. Navigating the website is a bit clunky, but the paintings showcased appear vibrant and imaginative; mostly aptly depicting landscapes, flora, or wildlife, albeit with a uniquely energetic style.

It’s a little curious, however, that ‘environmental causes’ is just about as precise as the site’s description gets in naming the actual charities to which the proceeds go. According the Artist McKenzie’s homepage, it appears that she supports the Humane Society and Animal Acres, but there’s no specific breakdown as to which ‘environmental causes’ the profits will support. If you’re interested in her work, perhaps you could contact McKenzie for a more detailed breakdown.

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