Eco-furniture: A broad and very subjective list, by David Bergman

David Bergman, eco-designer extraordinaire, professor, and Viridian, has recently uploaded a new list of eco-furniture sources to the Viridians Web site, called "Eco-furniture: A broad and very subjective list." His guiding principle: "What if green design were just good design?" a question first proposed by our friend and yours, Bruce Sterling, the a.k.a. Viridian "pope." David's mini-site classifies resources into general stuff, organic-y stuff, green =good design, down n' dirty: found objects and dumpster diving, universal & ergonomic, temporary/disaster/catastrophe, outside the box, pre-owned, and conceptual. No time to sort through it all yourself? Don't worry, we'll be pilfering info from here for weeks to come. (Heh heh.) ::Viridian: Eco Furniture [by MO]