Eco-Friendly Wedding Plans for Green TV Show Host

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Seems as though Lesley Nagy, host of the syndicated TV show "Your Green Life" has taken a cue or two from TreeHugger's guide on How to Green Your Wedding. She's attempting to make an example of how environmentally sound a classic wedding can really be—without sacrificing any of the traditional rituals or events involved. And though the event may seem a bit like a publicity stunt (she's taking interviews on her wedding day) that's fine by us—there are around 2.5 million weddings every year, so the greener these oft-extravagant events can be, the better. And you might be surprised just how meticulous Nagy's gotten in crafting the epitome of a classic, but green wedding: Ingredients for an Eco-Friendly Wedding
First off, she's holding the wedding, photography session, and reception all at the same spot to cut back on the transportation impact. Offsets have been purchased to make the event carbon neutral. The wedding cake, chocolates, and flowers (which will be mulched after the ceremony), were all purchased locally, and the meal is completely organic and sustainable. The bride's dress is 2nd hand. Tree-free and recycled paper was used in the invitations, ceremony programs, and menus. And the bride and groom's rings were made from recycled platinum and conflict-free diamonds from Brilliant Earth. There's more, too—those are just the highlights.

Of course, she could have had a greener wedding by bicycling to Las Vegas, eating only discarded pastries and produce freegan-style outside of bakeries and supermarkets along the way for sustenance. But kudos to Nagy for setting out to prove you can have a stylish, sophisticated wedding the old-fashioned way—and keep it green.

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