Eco Fair in Copenhagen is Green With Passion


Last week we visited Green Passion, the eco fair in Copenhagen. It’s the first year this green lifestyle-salon is taking place, combining eco fashion, health and beauty, home interior as well as organic food.

Believe it or not we came across an organic hairdresser called Zenz, who have just gone CO2 neutral. CommonZenz is a fashion boutique and we were delighted to find some Kuyichi organic jeans over here in Europe as well as Patagonia Footwear. Another Danish company Mohko presented the latest products to green your baby, amongst which the award winning Earth Friendly Baby products. The very fresh (not even 1 year old) industrial design company XSKY exhibited their lampshades EAE made from A4 paper or wood sheets and Automobili, a chair made from recycled car seat headers. Eco designer Niels Peter Flint’s stand offered a more conceptual view on things, although quite practical too. Flint exhibited his cupboard project Liferider- a cupboard that will stay with you for longer than the rest of your life as it turns into a coffin when a cupboard is no longer of use. This project has been designed in collaboration with one of Denmark's main undertaker companies Begravelses Service. And of course, Toyota’s Prius hybrid wasn’t missing from the show.

We would have loved to try out the Copenhagen bike sharing system- but sadly the few bikes we managed to find were broken. It seems, the system won't celebrate its 12th birthday. ::Green Passion

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