Eco-Diapers: Saturday Night Live Takes the Piss Out of Disposables (Video)

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SNL Commercial Parody: Disposable Diapers Provide Comic Relief

To date, disposable diaper manufacturers of the mainstream have yet to display much concern about what happens to their products in the waste stream: there's not only dioxin from bleaching, but also the virgin pulp from 250,000 trees per year landfilled to the tune of 3.5 million tons along with untreated sewage. Don't they know that Waste = Food? Put it down to a lack of concern for our environmental well-being, or simply a lack of imagination, SNL spoofs the moment when conventional diaper companies finally catch on. To watch this hilarious, fake-green TV ad, you've got to go "below the belt"...

Thank U Hulu!

via: EcoWonk