Eco-Club Wars: Dancers (Literally) Light Up Rotterdam's WATT, London's Club4Climate

Though Amy Winehouse, the pop singer I erroneously reported would open Holland's "sustainable" WATT dance clublast week was nowhere near Rotterdam (Iggy Pop & The Stooges were the opening act), there were revelers enough to light up the dance floors and gaze upon the gray water toilet flushing system in the lavatories.

30% electricity reduction 50% water, waste, CO2 reduction
WATT is the first creation of a group of entrepreneurs united under the name Sustainable Dance Club, and planning to expand the concept, perhaps first to London or Berlin. WATT's signature feature is the piezo-electric dance floor - a meter shows dancers what they are generating (approximately 5 - 10 watts per person) and also drives LED lights in the floor.

Environment and hedonism hand in hand?
But the London club Surya Club4Climate is saying it was first with a piezo-electric dance floor with "crystal blocks which generate up to 60 percent of the club's electricity." Hard to say who has the greener disco, but hit the jump for info on Surya's run-in with Friends of the Earth and the clubs' credos.

For Sustainable Dance Club, the goal is at least 30 percent less impact than a regular club. WATT's rainwater roof provides the water for the restrooms, which also have some waterless urinals. LED lighting provides the bulk of the energy savings, and wine is on tap to reduce waste. WATT says it is also taking in lots of new ideas in its toolbox database to continually improve its eco-profile.

Club Surya, on the other hand, is a smaller venue than WATT, with a smaller piezo dance floor, rooftop solar, wireless urinals, recycled furnishings and organic and Fair Trade alcohol. Club Surya hasn't set itself exactly the same sustainability guidelines as WATT has done - but both Sustainable Dance Club and Dr. Earth are keen on finding clubs to join their version of a green club.

Dr. Earth ruffled Friends of the Earth's feathers when he planned a party in late August off the Greek coast with celebrities including Kate Moss scheduled to fly in, and a portion of party proceeds were to go to FOE. FOE didn't want the money and asked Surya to stop using its name as a promotional tool on the club's web site. Dr. Earth seemed undisturbed - his next party is planned in Israel and his web site says he'll build an "island destination" where visitors can "save the world lying down drinking cocktails next to the pool." Stay tuned. Via ::Reuters
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