Eco-chic Entertaining Tips


On Thursday night, April 10th, the warmest New York has yet seen in April, a well-heeled crowd outfitted in suits and festive party dresses crowded into Astor Center on 4th street for A Night of Eco-Chic Entertaining, presented by the online magazine about entertaining, The party was intended to show how it is possible to be both sustainable and chic in the party-hosting realm, and featured a number of participating green brands, from Frutzzo, the "first company in America to market antioxidant-rich pomegranate juice blends" in recyclable bottles, to Organic Bouquet, which creates flower arrangements with only flowers grown using sustainable practices.The spring mood was highlighted by the rosy pink and perky yellow palettes of the floral and table arrangements designed by Danielle Venokur of DVGreen. DVGreen was discussed previously in a Treehugger post and has since become one of the go-to's for green event planning, especially green weddings.


The party was a good place to be if hungry. It was catered by The Cleaver Co., which uses organic, local, and sustainable foods. They provided some yummy hors d'oeuvres, like little parmesan cracker bowls of greens, and, what my meat-eating friend reported was an excellent mini-lamb burger.


(Mary Cleaver, the owner of The Cleaver Co., is a top Manhattan caterer, specializing in weddings and cocktail parties. The company is profiled here by Notesonaparty) The refreshingly fruity martinis were made using Frutzzo and the Icelandic vodka Reyka,, as mentioned in a previous Treehugger post, Reyka vodka is made from the only distillery powered by geothermal steam (For any enquiring minds that need to know: Notesonaparty also told me that Reyka is the vodka of choice for all of Mr. Leo DiCaprio's production company's events.) The freely flowing wine was Parducci from Mendocino, California, a winery committed to sustainable winegrowing. A photographer circulated busily through the crowd, taking photos of all the guests, and making a makeup-less blogger fresh from a long day at the office feel like a socialite. We talked to green-minded entrepreneurs who discussed the pressing need to make sustainable products more affordable. And the other party-wide conversation was everyone gushing about the weather. This was's founder and Editor-in-chief Celia Chen's first industry event for her new company and the magazine is doing a series on green party-throwing. What a swell, green party it was.