Eco-Celeb Q'Orianka Kilcher

Her beauty is far more than skin deep and she is wise beyond her years, yet the environmental commitment of Q'Orianka Kilcher is anything but cliché. The 15-year old "The New World" star takes her opportunity to be a role model for future treehuggers seriously. She's upped the Hollywood-Hybrid ante by cruising to red carpet events in her hydrogen-powered DaimlerChrysler and says "I'm trying to get the car seen in as many places as I can so that people can see it's a reality, that it exists and that it's going to be available soon… It's my generation that's going to bring these changes about." Kilcher experienced a unique upbringing during which her parents kept the kids grounded in their connection to the Earth by spending a lot of time in the out-of-doors and living in locations around the globe, including Germany, Alaska, Hawaii and South America. Her ideals reflect her experience and demonstrate her compassionate world-view; "I could never walk down a red carpet in a $10,000 dress," she says. "Or be covered in $10,000 in jewelry ... and be proud of that, when that same money could be used in so many more beneficial ways." Via: Variety