Eco-Celeb: Jackie Chan

Jackie Chan may not drive a hybrid (or maybe he does) but he has taken meaningful action on behalf of the environment. Last April during a tour of Asia, he introduced newly developed wastewater purification equipment to Hong Kong and arranged a demonstration in purifying water from the polluted Tin Shui Wai Nullah canal. Jackie is working with EcoNova, a water treatment technology firm based in the U.S. “With the recent industrial development in the Mainland, I hope this new equipment would help to improve the environment of China," said Jackie. He has also offered his star power to environmental efforts on the mainland. In 2004 Jackie participated in the effort to build a Green Great Wall in China when he planted trees near Beijing's Great Wall to promote awareness of environmental protection. In recognition for his commitment to the environment in China, he was appointed an Environment and Culture Ambassador by the State Environmental Protection Administration. [Photos on next page].