Eco-Activism, Charitable Donations, and You

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Natural Papa is running a fundraiser drive that reminds us how vital taking action is to environmentalism. Some of the bigger names in the green blogosphere, including TheGoodHuman and TwilightEarth have gotten together to rally funds for some important environmental groups. And the best part is, you get a say in how the fundraiser goes down. Check out how this special eco-charity drive works.
The message is that there are great organizations out there which are suffering in this economic downturn through decreased donations...and they need our help! So we have decided to give you, our readers, a voice and a choice. We have decided to take on a very simple fundraising mission, and we are asking you to donate just $1.00.

The 10 websites involved in getting this effort together have chosen 5 charities deserving of the funds. The two with the most votes from You will get the raised funds. They include:

Sustainable Harvest
Healthy Child Healthy World
Environmental Working Group
Water For People

Those are some excellent organizations to choose from. So, if you're interested in donating to help out, please visit Natural Papa and place a vote and a PayPal payment. Then smile, because you did a good thing.

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