eBay's Rethink Week 2005


Yesterday concluded eBay's week long "Rethink Week 2005." The initiative began in January of 2005 when eBay organized a coalition of industry, governmental, environmental and non-profit organizations and also recognized that its member community of more than 157 million users could be a powerful source. By educating and enabling them to take action, eBay brought buyers and sellers together to reduce e-waste — making it easy for people with idle computers and electronics to find others who might be able to put them to good use or even recycle the unwanted products responsibly. During "Rethink Week" eBay turned to its community to ask for support to get the word out about e-waste and the sources that are available through their website. Downloadable flyers, logos and even a donation page was set up by eBay to get the sellers involved. They were also encouraged to take action on a local level and eBay included a number of resources and programs, available for individuals and organizations who want to make a difference in their area. All of this info is still available on their site and is accessible from the homepage. Three cheers for eBay - not only are they are a great source of PSS (product service systems) but they've now found a way to leverage their millions of users for a cleaner world. ::eBay