'Eat Well Guide' Helps You Eat Local, Like Guster

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Credit: acnatta via Flickr.

So the alt rock group Guster is challenging people to eat local, for their tastebuds and the planet. That's easy for them to say, though, right? They're co-founders of the Green Music Group. They know about this stuff. Well, thanks to the power of the Internets and ZIP Codes, you can be an expert, too. And learning this lesson can help you win two Live Nation season passes, and maybe a new car.

A new car?! Sounds like a game show. So what's behind Door No. 1?The Green Music Group, which has been running a series of challenges in partnership with Planet Green, our sister site. We're on Challenge No. 5, which lasts until June 18, but with a message that could last a lifetime: Eat Local. Guster guitarist-singer Adam Gardner is challenging folks to eat local at least once a day for a week, then snap a picture, upload it, and vie for two Live Nation passes, and a chance to win a Honda Insight Hybrid.

What's behind Door No. 2? The Eat Well Guide, which can help you find that local food. Even little old Bay City, Michigan (see my byline) has plenty of choices, from bed and breakfasts to co-ops, farmers markets and restaurants.

Local food tastes better, and can be better for you, without all those preservatives and miles driven to bring the meals to your table.

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