"Earth to America": Comedy for the Planet

Everyone knows that environmentalists are humorless, painfully earnest Earth-warriors. So when I came across the announcement for the broadcast of "Earth to America!" I was obviously shocked - a stand-up comedy show devoted to raising awareness about environmental issues? Love it! The TBS show will be broadcast on Sunday, November 20 at 8/7c and features a knockout list including: Jack Black, Will Ferrell, Tom Hanks, Larry David, Steve Martin, Ray Romano, Ben Stiller, Robin Williams, Martin Short, Leonardo DiCaprio, Cameron Diaz, Al Franken, Christopher Guest, and Dustin Hoffman. [note: I spent the last half-hour trying to overcome my TreeHugger-induced humor-impairment to end this post with a clever joke; no such luck. I guess if you want to get an eco-chuckle you'll have to tune in to "Earth to America!" or visit Grinning Planet]