Artist's earth-inspired rugs feature luxurious landscapes

Vanessa Barragão
CC BY-NC-ND 4.0 Vanessa Barragão

Rugs can be simple, functional things -- or they can be stunning works of art, like the ones created by Portuguese textile artist Vanessa Barragão. Using different techniques, Barragão is able to create textural landscapes reminiscent of coral reefs and other natural delights.

Seen over at This Is Colossal, Barragão's latest and greatest work is dubbed Earth Rug, which was exhibited at this year's Milan Design Week.

This round rug with a diameter of 15 feet features the use of techniques like hand-tufting, crochet, and carving to create a variety of tactile and beautiful landscapes: sandy shores and deeper oceanic blues, populated with corals and algae that are made out of hand-worked fibers, sourced from Barragão's grandfather's sheep farm.

Using other methods like latch-hooking, weaving, basketry, and felting, Barragão's other works present the same deliciously touchable elements that are inspired by nature and invite you to come and run your fingers through.

These one-of-a-kind rugs and tapestries are quite enchanting and somehow comforting to behold, especially on a cold winter's day; you can see more over at Behance, and Barragão's Etsy store.

Artist's earth-inspired rugs feature luxurious landscapes
These textile works of art are bursting with soft corals, algae and more.

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