Earth Hour In Montreal: Ideas in the Dark

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You think this is hard to read? Try the website.

Montreal ad agency Bleublancrouge wanted to do something for Earth Hour that went beyond the usual. Creative Director Gaetan Namouric tells the Globe and Mail:

"We imagined that the hour could be more than just switching the lights off and thinking about global warming," says Mr. Namouric. "We wanted to make it a very creative time."

So they came up with Ideas in the Dark, with a clever if aggravating website, (I had to fire up a second computer to transcribe this) and have come up with a more creative list of things to do:Art in the dark:
Creation in Dark: A group of artists create in the dark; you can see their work when the lights come up.

Music in the Dark: Interactive show in the dark. Artists include National Parcs, Orange Orange and Cocktail Club Soundsystem

Brainstorm in the Dark: Thinkers, philosophers, urban planners, and business leaders will have a debate of ideas regarding the fight against climate change.

More information at Ideas in the Dark.

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