Earth Hour Exposes Mindless Waste; Some Lights Should Stay Out.

earth hour architectural lighting is a waste photo vegas

If Earth Hour does one thing well, it shows how foolish we are for the other hours when the lights are on.

Ecorazzi has a slide show of before and during Earth Hour comparisons, and most are like the one above of Las Vegas, where you can only wonder, why do they have lights shining onto the hotels in the first place?

earth hour architectural lighting is a waste photo london

Are searchlights a feature of the Perpendicular Gothic Style of 1834? If Earth Hour tells us nothing else, it shows how much energy and fossil fuels are wasted on completely non-essential decorative and architectural lighting.

earth hour architectural lighting is a waste photo oslo

Surely King Harald of Norway would sleep better if those lights stayed out.

The organizers of Earth Hour call it a big success, claiming that a billion people participated. In Sydney, Australia, they "6.3 per cent reduction in energy use in the city during the event, equivalent to 15.9 tonnes of carbon emissions." Ontario Hydro recorded a 4% drop, significantly less than last year; some think the reduction in savings is due to the rapid conversion to compact fluorescents and LEDs; turning off the lights doesn't make as much a difference as it used to. Now it is time to go after the big stuff.

In a world where we are telling everyone to consume less energy, why do we shine a couple of million kilowatts straight up? Earth Hour shines a light on this ridiculous waste.

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