Earth Hour Comes To America

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When Earth Hour started in 2007 there was Sydney, Australia. Last year there were cities all over the world, with a conspicuous big white hole over the United States, which had a tenth of the rate of participation of its neighbour to the north. Was it too foreign? Not invented here? Too tied up in the political tenor of the times?

But this year, it is different. There still is a big hole in the middle, but the growth of interest appears to be huge. So in case you are learning how to do this for the first time, here is a roundup of tips from last year:

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Toronto, 8:27, during Earth Hour and the day before. Toronto Star

Canada Goes Nutso Over Earth Hour

For some reason the entire country has gone a bit crazy over Earth Hour. But that didn't keep the right-wing National Post from coming out against it: Here are tips from Peter Foster for Rush and Sean and Glenn:

Light, both natural and artificial, has traditionally been associated with The Good...The absence of light is associated with primitivism and ignorance. Is it not significant, therefore, that radical environmentalists are seeking to persuade citizens of the world to flick the switch?

Lots more hot tips for those who deny the existence of anthropogenic climate change here. Now that we have that out of the way:

Let's Party Like it's 1799!

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Loosen up. Go out and look at the stars. Snuggle with your sweetie. Think, for an hour, about how you might entertain yourselves in a world without electricity; it may be here before you know it. Have a drink.

Knock Your Lights Out for Earth Hour

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Toronto's Fairmont Royal York is seriously into the environment and got into Earth Hour, turning out 34,000 lights and developing special drinks for the occasion that will seriously knock your lights out. The Green Movement, a mix of vanilla vodka, Tequila Rose liqueur, cognac, Frangelico, and a splash of cream sounds disgusting, but over at Planet Green we published the recipe for Global Warming which goes down nice and smooth.

Nelly Furtado Says Turn Out The Light for Earth Hour

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Listen to Nelly. Find a concert to go to. She put on a great free concert last year.

Earth Hour 2008 from Toronto, Canada

earth hour toronto 2008 photo

I must confess I stayed home with my wife and my new puppy.

More on Earth Hour 2009 in Planet Green:
Turn Your Lights off for Earth Hour 2009

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