Earth Hour Barely Noticed This Year


Image Credit Marc Falardeau, Creative Commons

It was hard to even find a picture of Toronto during Earth Hour this year; nobody seems to have bothered. It still seems to be a big deal in some parts of the world, but not here; Electric utility Toronto Hydro saw only a 5% drop in power used, half of last year. The Toronto Star had some fun checking out who had the lights on and there were some real surprises. The President of Earth Day Canada left his lights blazing, as did the Provincial Minister of Energy, former Mayor David Miller and the headquarters of Ontario Power Generation, on a Saturday night yet.


With our new smartmeters, you can see the drop. Image credit: Toronto Hydro

Earth Day Canada's Jed Goldberg did have an excuse- he was out at a candlelight dinner. His daughter stayed home; he tells the Star "what can I tell you, she's a 16 year old girl."

Former mayor David Miller had a good excuse; he tweeted "I'm in Brussels."

In BlogTO, Derek Flack calls Earth Hour in Toronto "the worst yet." He writes:

Despite the fact that more and more countries are participating globally, perhaps it's time to change things up or re-brand the event somehow. As much as it's true that cutting one's power for an hour each year isn't a license to burn energy the rest of the time, if the main goal of Earth Hour is to foster awareness of our energy consumption, it'd be nice to see it regain some steam.

So now that Earth Hour is out of the way, lets all get ready for Earth Day Ennui.

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