Earth Hour 2009 Global Round-Up (Videos)

Cities go dark for Earth Hour 2009
Tell us as well as Tweet us what you did for Earth Hour 2009 and bask in the reduction of dirty fossil fuel use if ever so fleetingly. Eyeball these videos featuring the efforts of hundreds of millions of well-meaning humankind from around the world as well as some local shout-outs to peeps around the USA (Arkansas, Ohio, Chicago, New Mexico, Michiana -- you all in da green house!) Finally, check out our modest proposal for next year's and future Earth Hours courtesy of robotkind C3PO from Star Wars.
90 countries take part in Earth Hour 2009

The big turn off: Earth Hour 2009

Earth Hour 2009 Official Worldwide Roll Out

Earth Hour 2009: Oceania & Asia Compilation

New York City dims for Earth Hour 2009

Chinese cities go dark for Earth Hour

Lights out for Big Ben

Earth Hour 2009 Brazil

Earth Hour 2009 Belfast City Hall and Ferris Wheel
USA local shout-outs and our modest proposal for future Earth Hours courtesy of C3PO from Star Wars on the NEXT PAGE >>

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