Earth Hour 2008 from Toronto, Canada


wwf flickr photostream

If it didn't exactly go nutso, Toronto took Earth Hour seriously; Ten thousand people turned up in Nathan Phillips Square to hear Nelly Furtado and others perform. Lights dimmed across the city; in our neighbourhood only one house still had lights blazing.


The local electrical utility reported an 8.7% drop in consumption; Photo Toronto Star

The city looked quite different; photo Toronto Star; good video here

I was going to bike down to the party but must confess we stayed home and played with our new puppy.

Elsewhere in Canada:

Coast guard icebreaker keeps enough light to warn if polar bears try to jump on deck
ABOARD THE CCGS AMUNDSEN–The only point of light in a vast stretch of the frozen Arctic Ocean dimmed slightly last night as the research icebreaker Amundsen symbolically joined the global movement for the environment. ::The Star
Prime Minster Harper Snubs Earth Hour- Thanks to its place of prominence in the capital, 24 Sussex Dr., the Prime Minister's residence, is always easy to spot. As Ottawa went dark last night for Earth Hour, it was even easier.

Prime Minister Stephen Harper's lights stayed on. ::The Star