Earth First! Fanatics Wail Wildly for Trees in Wacky Video - Watch more free videos

We're no strangers to liberal thinking, alternative medicine, or off-beat ideas. Hell, it's no accident that the very name "TreeHugger," is a play on the hippie-type folks that stood up and changed the face of environmentalism a few decades ago. Of course, when we started this site in the summer of 2004, our goal was to take green mainstream with some figurative tree-spiking (and modern design--check out our very first post) but it will always take a certain amount of radical thinking to keep the movement going.

The infamous group Earth First knows that. The purposely decentralized anti-organization that has randomly reared its head over the past few decades has alternately been blamed and taken credit for wreaking environmental havoc with stunts such as tree-sitting and car-bombing. In the video above, they're (supposedly) at it again. Only this time they're not being destructive, but rather taking part in a kind of ritualistic primal scream therapy session that can only be described as the Passion of the Trees.

Surely their good intentions, compassion, and close relationship with nature are a good thing. But is their new-age enthusiasm the kind of alternative approach that will throw a monkeywrench in the current mainstreaming of green? Or is it just the antidote we need to a world being flooded with greenwashing? Tell us what yo think in the comments below.

Via:: Linkognito

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