Earth Day Nature Selfies are totally silly and that’s why you should take one

flower nature selfie
CC BY 2.0 Flickr user Light Painting

Today is Earth Day. There are lots of important issues vying for our time, attention and money on this occasion. But for me, one of the best ways to honor Earth Day is to just go outside and remember why nature is awesome. After all, that’s part of why we’re fighting to protect it.

To encourage people to get outside this Earth Day, The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and The Nature Conservancy are promoting Earth Day Nature Selfies. Yes, it’s kind of silly, because selfies are inherently kind of silly.

But let’s not take ourselves too seriously here. This is a fun chance to share a favorite spot in nature, remember the day, and maybe get your social media friends to think about the nature.

We did it! Below, you’ll find a collection of Nature Selfies from the TreeHugger team.

Derek Markham took this awesome photo at City of Rocks State Park, New Mexico.

TreeHugger nature selfie© Derek Markham

There was still snow on the ground when Katherine Martinko took hers.

TreeHugger nature selfie© Katherine Martinko

In true TreeHugger form, Zachary Shahan took his selfie in the woods in Poland.

TreeHugger nature selfie© Zachary Shahan

Bonnie Alter peeks from behind colorful Ceanothus blooms in her photo.

TreeHugger nature selfie© Bonnie Alter

As for me, I headed out to one of my favorite green spots here in Queens, New York. Astoria Park has tree-shaded paths in addition to a view of the Manhattan skyline.

TreeHugger nature selfie© Margaret Badore

Oh, and don’t forget to tag your selfie using #NatureSelfies on Twitter, Facebook and of course Instagram. Learn more here.

Earth Day Nature Selfies are totally silly and that’s why you should take one
It's Earth Day. Let’s go outside and have some fun.

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