Earth Day: Latin Celebrities Give Green Advice


In the first year Earth Day that has gathered attention in Latin America, a couple of the region's biggest musicians, actors and performers have participated in a campaign held by National Geographic to raise awareness in society about our part in the global warming cause.

Under the theme "What you do matters," these celebrities have recorded small television segments giving pieces of advice on energy and water saving, reusable bags, working at home, not-printing, planting trees, and unplugging. The segments are being broadcast during special programming this week.

Artists involved include Argentine musicians Fito Paez (pictured), Charly Alberti and Diego Torres, Argentine actors Cecilia Roth and Ricardo Darin, Mexican singer Julieta Venegas, Mexican actors Bruno Bichir and Plutarco Haza, Brazilian singer Daniela Mercury, Argentine dancer Julio Bocca, and Colombian musician Andrea Etcheverry, among others.

Keep reading for videos and more.This is the first time this many celebrities take part in a campaign about the environment in Latin America, and also one of the first initiatives to approach people from small, easy to follow advice (like the one we give on TreeHugger) in the region's own language.

NatGeo’s initiative also includes a website with information about going green, eco trivias and carbon footprint tests, and a community section where users can upload a picture or the place on Earth they’d like to save.

Earth week on NatGeo Latin America lasts until April 25th.

Some of the celebrity’s videos (in Portuguese and Spanish):

Brazilian singer Daniela Mercury.

Argentine musician Fito Paez.

Argentine dancer Julio Bocca.

To keep celebrating this April 22, don't forget to check our many posts on Earth Day, with special attention to Is Earth Day the New Christmas?.

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