Earth Day. Huh?

It’s wonderful that North America takes the time to celebrate this so-far-as-we-know unique ball of life, we call Earth. But much of the world has no idea that the USA has blowing trumpets for the planet around now. Nope, they instead celebrate World Environment Day (WED) as coordinated by The United Nations Environment Program (UNEP). This will be 5 June 2005. Each year a different city/country gets to host the annual conference, with a varied theme. As fate would have it, the home of the first Earth Day, back in 1970, is this years host city for World Environment Day! Yep, dear old San Francisco. ::UNEP WED 05 [by WM](PS:The main site for WED 2005 has a Flash frontpage that seems to have a fatal glitch. Could it have anything to do with the fact that the makers of Flash software Macromedia have just announced a merger with arch rival Adobe?)

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