Dump Fossil Fuels, Get a Girlfriend, With Facebook App

screenshot from facebook crush global warming app
Credit: Screenshot from www.acespace.org.

If you know how to type your name, and think we need to break our addiction to fossil fuels, you can get a girlfriend and help the environment.

The girlfriend is virtual, but the environment part is real.

There's a Facebook app out that takes your name and sprinkles it throughout a hip hop video on Crush Global Warming.
This one may remind you of the old "Crush on Obama" video, pre-November 2008.

The message here, via the Alliance for Climate Education, is that driving a Hummer isn't sexy, but being truly green is. And sending this one out to your friends is a great way to combat those dancing JibJab videos.

Nothing against those dancing JibJab videos, I just don't like seeing my head on someone else's body. With the Crush Global Warming app, your name shows up in a newspaper headline, and on a tattoo, hybrid license plate and a sparkly tooth grill.

At the end of the video, there's a link to sign the Declaration of Independence from Fossil Fuels, which will be presented to President Barack Obama and key leaders.

via: Current.com
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