This dude is going to wear all the trash he creates in a month

Rob Greenfield - Trash Me!
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Rob Greenfield is going to get wasted. And it's not going to be pretty.

Not many people can say they're getting trashed for the planet, but this dude making a difference is willing to put his waste right out in front of everybody for an entire month, in order to inspire meaningful change in the way that Americans think about their own trash footprint.

We've highlighted the work of Rob Greenfield a few times before, most notably his bike tour fueled by dumpster food and his willingness to come to the aid of dumpster divers who get arrested for their scavenging, but this next project of his is somewhat cringe-worthy, as it entails taking the normally hidden aspect of modern American life, our trash production, and putting it literally on his back.

"For one month, Rob Greenfield is going to live like the average American. He'll eat, shop, and consume just like the average American which produces 4.5 pounds of trash per day. The catch? He has to wear every piece of trash he creates. That's over 30 pounds of trash on his body by the end of the first week and nearly 140 pounds by the end of the month (almost his body weight)! Every coffee cup, plastic bag, pizza box, every single piece of trash he creates will be on his body, everywhere he goes."

Obviously, TreeHuggers that you are, you don't create 4.5 pounds of trash each day (or at least we hope you don't), but chances are you've seen your neighbors and coworkers filling up bag after bag, dumpster after dumpster, of waste every week, most of which is probably either compostable or recyclable or avoidable. And when you multiply that by the hundreds of millions of people currently living in this unsustainable manner, it all adds up to a major issue - and one that is often only seen if sanitation and waste workers go on strike, leaving the trash on the curb instead of taking it out of sight and out of mind. But what if people saw the cumulative effects of their trash? That's the general idea behind Greenfield's project, even if it's only his trash and not others.

Greenfield is taking to crowdfunding to underwrite his Trash Me! project, with the aim of producing at least 6 video episodes, plus some blog posts and Facebook live tutorials on how to live 'zero waste.' He plans to start getting wasted his unique venture on September 19th, in New York City, and keep it up through October 19th, with the intent of creating "a visual of trash that millions of American will never forget."

While this Kickstarter project doesn't seem nearly as sexy as one which will garner you the newest tech gadget, it could be a way to help kick off lively conversations about consumerism and over-consumption, as well as the current state of unnecessary packaging and the need to think more about the importance of 'cradle to cradle' thinking in both design and purchasing. Plus, you'll get to see Rob walking around in a trash suit, and if you think you've got it hard going through airport security with your water bottle, just wait until he tries to do so with 100+ pounds of trash on his body. I don't know if he's actually planning to fly during this waste adventure, but it would certainly make for some entertaining footage, wouldn't it?

"Whether in the subway, at a baseball game or a formal dinner party, or catching a flight, he will be a walking billboard of how much trash the average American creates on a daily and monthly basis. Expect plenty of hilarious and viral moments, from trying to get past security in his trash to fitting into the subway car."

You can find out more about Greenfield at his website, or kick in to his Trash Me! project at Kickstarter. And if you're interested, he's looking for a Production Assistant for this web video series in NYC.

This dude is going to wear all the trash he creates in a month
Rob Greenfield is going to get wasted. And it's not going to be pretty.

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