Duck Hunters Oppose Wind Farm Because it Kills Ducks (Daily Show Video)


Photo credit: bjmcdonald via Flickr/CC BY

Yes, wind turbines kill birds. But only a very small number of them, and scientists are hard at work to further improve technology that might prevent these deaths in the future. Cats and sport hunters kill many more birds every year than do wind turbines -- which is why this Daily Show bit about duck hunters fighting a proposed wind farm on the grounds that it will kill ducks is particularly amusing:

The spot is funny because of the rampant absurdity, of course, but it also goes a length towards exposing the NIMBY-ism that's truly behind the resistance to the wind farms -- not concern over the birds.

It's also worth pointing out that while it might seem funny to mock the conservation impulses of hunters, this is an area where we should be trying to be a little more empathetic. A couple weeks ago, I noted that the Tea Party-led GOP's full-bore assault on the environment was pissing off legions of sport hunters and fishers, a traditionally conservative voting bloc. And while there may appear to be some dissonance inherent in the conservation instincts of those who want to preserve wildlife so they can shoot it, it's a more nuanced situation than that -- these folks have genuinely good intentions, and justifiably believe they can sustainably hunt and fish while respecting the environment.

That said, their argument against wind turbines is Grade A bunk.

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