Dropping Knowledge: Testing the Table of Free Voices


We've written a couple of times about Dropping Knowledge (see here and here). Only 3 days left before their first big event, the Table of Free Voices where 112 "inspiring people" will answer questions on all topics submitted by people from all around the world. For that event, a huge round table (38 meters in diameter, 119 in circumference) with 112 cameras and microphones has been built and is now in the final stages of testing. "The estimated 672 hours of content generated at the Table of Free Voices will be transcribed, translated into numerous languages and made freely accessible to all in a variety of digital formats." Dropping Knowledge will certainly become a great resource for the exchange of ideas about many things including how to build a greener world. Our own Christine Lepisto will cover the event, so stay tuned! Thanks to Kathy Kniss of Dropping Knowledge for the pictures.