Drew Dellinger: Love Letter to the Milky Way


And now for something completely different... This was the sentiment felt by all those in the audience at the Be The Change conference last week when the American poet Drew Dellinger was invited on stage for a recital. With so many speakers bringing us difficult and sometimes distressing information Drew was like a breath of fresh air.

We hope he can do the same for you today as we introduce one of his poems in between all the other TreeHugger news. It is well worth taking five minutes out of your hectic day to luxuriate in the fantastically magical images created by Drew's moving poetry. Listen to: Hieroglyphic Stairway.Drew Dellinger is a master wordsmith who reframes the environmental movement in the vastness of cosmology and the minutiae of the natural world. His poems address ecology, human rights, development and all aspects of our environment. He has studied cosmology and ecological thought with Thomas Berry since 1990 and is currently Associate Professor at John F. Kennedy University. He is also the founder of Poets for Justice.

Drew's book of collected poems, 'Love Letter to the Milky Way', and his CD 'An Evening with Drew Dellinger' are available to buy through his website. ::Drew Dellinger :: Be The Change