Portlandia on How We're Living in the 1890s (Video)

Portlandia 1890s screenshotIFC/Screen capture

We love the 1890's, apparently. You know how TreeHugger's like to pickle their own vegetables, brew their own beer, knit or repair their own clothes, turn their backs on greedy corporations, support local businesses, raise their own chickens, and ride streetcars or bikes? Yeah! Well, as the brilliant folks behind
Portlandia explain, it appears we've been here before. About 120 years ago. Watch below:

This is a new spin on their earlier sketch, I Dream of the 90s from the the first season of Portlandia.

Oh, Portlandia, you already had me today with PutaBirdOnIt.com. This? This is just too good. Microbrew or die, indeed.

Portlandia on How We're Living in the 1890s (Video)
The brilliant folks at Portlandia remind us how history repeats itself. Now, where did I put my beard suspenders?

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