How to Cut Back Without Losing Out


Anyone who has read TreeHugger with any regularity or has pondered ways to live without consuming quite so much stuff has also probably thought of downsizing: their home, their food, their transportation, energy use, etc. Anyone who has done (or considered doing) any of these things will find a valuable resource; from articles on growing your own food, creating a more sustainable home and following a greener path, the site has information for a wide variety of lifestyle choices, as well as a user forum to bounce ideas off other downsizers, get inspired by others' efforts and offer your suggestion for ways to enhance your life by decreasing your ecological footprint and collection of stuff. Want to know some cool Christmas card alternatives? How about learning more about how to cook, brew and preserve at home? Even if you just want to try a few things out, can be a resource for cutting back without losing valuable parts of your life. ::Downsizer via ::Hugg (Chickpea)