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dip n' dots; love the camera

Making toys from paper cutouts is an old craft, but the internet and computers changed it completely as papercraft evolved into downloadable designs, where designers around the world produce lovely things that anyone can download for free.

Now they are becoming uploadable designs as well; Scion and Giant Robot Magazine are having a contest where you download a papercraft Scion, paint it up and send it back. Best one gets five hundred bucks and a trip to the Interactive Paper Art show in LA in April.

And why is this green?

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Look at our holiday gift guidefrom this past Christmas- an entire page of free papercraft gifts. They don't burn fossil fuel other than to power your computer and printer for the time it takes to make them, They don't take a lot of space and they are a lot of fun. And they are free.

In these times, those are desirable attributes.

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