Downloadable Designs: Build Your Own Pinhole Hasselblad


Images credit Kelly Angood; download PDF here

British set and prop designer Kelly Angood has a hobby on the side: He has "created a range of functional replica objects. Their creation stems from my desire to own them (despite never setting eyes on them in real life)."

Having always wanted to own, but never being able to afford a Hasselblad (all the astronauts used them during Mercury through Apollo), the pinhole alternative is interesting. Angood has made the plans, instructions and video a downloadable design that actually works with 35mm film.


But it is more than just about owning a working camera, Angood is questioning the nature of ownership.

For me, making these objects dealt with the often problematic nature of desire and ownership- the act of 'making' the objects both exorcised and reconciled the desire to own without the need to actually possess an 'original' of these exclusive objects.

Instructional video for pinhole Hasselblad from Kelly Angood on Vimeo.

Instructional Video.

Kelly has also set up a tumblr where aficionados can display the pictures they take with the camera, and a Paypal donation site where one can support the project. Neat. Found on NOTCOT
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