Double Impact: Why Should You Make the Effort to Donate Your Clothes?

Earlier in the week, we asked you to help us choose the next Double Impact challenge by voting on your favorite way to green your wardrobe. Clothing is a big consumer item and makes a big environmental footprint. So, it's important to take measures to keep the environment in mind!. The majority chose that donating old clothing is the best way to keep yourself eco-fashionable. Here's why:Dressing green doesn't have to mean only buying hemp clothing in muted hues. There are plenty of other steps to take toward an environmentally-friendly wardrobe, like donating your old clothes. There may be more to it than you think!

Clothes require a lot of resources to be made and sending your unwanted outfits to the landfill decreases the lifespan of those garments. Your clothing could be worn by someone else or repurposed to avoid putting new materials into circulation. The sad fact is that half of Americans are unwilling to travel more than 10 minutes to donate! That's why donation boxes are popping up in convenient locations. However, it's important that you make the effort, regardless.

Donating clothing doesn't strictly refer to letting your outfits be resold at a local GoodWill or Salvation Army. These groups are great donating options and serve the community as an inexpensive shopping option and through charitable efforts. However, other donation ideas are taking the stage. Some groups work as a cheap rental group and loan clothing to the underprivileged for job interviews and occasions, while others allow pregnant women to lease maternity clothing. Clothes can also be repurposed for interesting applications such as the use of denim as a home insulation alternative!

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