Double Impact: Why Reusable Containers Are Better Than Disposable


Last week, we asked you to join in the Giveaway 4 Good and vote on a new Double Impact challenge by telling us how you prefer to eliminate toxins from your home. The votes are in and the majority of readers selected using reusable containers instead of individually-wrapped, disposable containers. Here's why The Smart Mama suggested that as an option for this poll. Double Impact has asked some "mommy bloggers" to help choose the poll options for ways to make your life more eco-friendly. This week, The Smart Mama suggested ways to keep your house clean and avoid plastic. Double Impact spoke with her about her interest in living a greener lifestyle & why she chose reusable containers as an option for this poll. Here's what she had to say:


Double Impact: You write mainly about reducing toxic chemical exposure, how did you first get started with it? And how does it tie in with being green and sustainable?
The Smart Mama: I've always been focused on going green but I really got much more interested in reducing toxic chemical exposures when I had my son. After
the birth of my son, the relatively abstract concept of "saving the whales" became much more personal - and focused on protecting him and then his sister from unnecessary toxic chemical exposures. I also want my children and my grandchildren (I hope!) to grow up in a healthy world.

Double Impact: What are the biggest challenges you hear from moms/parents about going green?

The Smart Mama: Many parents complain about the cost and lack of convenience. But, most of the steps to go green actually are less expensive than the non-green options. Take, for example, single serve convenient foods. They are more expensive than buying in bulk. Or even bottled water - it is probably the single most
expensive food item you can buy.

Double Impact: How did you come up with the idea to use reusable containers? Why is it important for moms/parents?

The Smart Mama: Those single serve, disposable convenience containers are mostly another item of plastic that is going to last a long time in our environment and consume non renewable resources. Plus, single serve convenience foods are expensive. Also, they tend to release toxic chemicals into our foods. So, buy in larger quantities and opt instead for glass or stainless reusable containers - or even a safer plastic if you must use plastic. I often put a week's worth of snacks in the containers on Sunday to make packing lunches easy - grapes, homemade trail mix, pretzels, dips, whatever. And my kids - 6 and 8 - haven't broken a single glass container in two years of taking them to school. Just make sure you steer clear of BPA lined aluminum containers - you don't want BPA leaching into your food.

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