"Double Impact" to Help Amplify Your Green Actions, Help Charities


Here at TreeHugger, we spend a lot of time trying to find the perfect combination of information, community and incentives required to get people to change their behavior towards a more sustainable direction, which is why I'm very excited to announce the beta launch of Double Impact, a Facebook Connected platform that allows people to earn money for their favorite charities by completing simple actions that will help them live a more sustainable life. More on the platform and why you should join after the jump...Here's a great video that explains the concept:

Created by Formative Labs Inc., Double Impact aims to give people a way to double the impact of their sustainable actions, such as changing their light bulbs, driving less, eating less meat or using reusable bags. As participants take on these lifestyle challenges, they earn credits, which are then turned into donations to the charity of their choice.

Here's how Jessica Alter, the founder and CEO of Formative Labs explained it in a press release:

"The goal behind Double Impact is to make everyday actions worth your while today by tapping into your passion for a certain cause. We literally double the impact of your actions--they not only count towards your cause, but also towards saving the environment - all without having to open up your wallet. At the same time we're allowing brands to finally get social credit for the charitable giving they do by connecting them with consumers' and their friends."

For our part, we've partnered with Formative Labs to add some supporting material to some of the challenges in Double Impact. For example, within Double Impact, users will be able to click through to TreeHugger articles that will provide more information about why a particular challenge is worth-taking.

Image: Screenshot from Double Impact

Here's some more info on some of the other features of Double Impact:

After selecting a charity and logging in through Facebook, users can immediately begin earning "Impact Points" by completing simple tasks both online and in the real world. Examples include checking-in on their mobile phones at certain locations such as on public transit or at farmers markets, purchasing specific types of sustainable products and services, or taking quick quizzes designed to educate consumers about energy and sustainability. Double Impact also has the ability to tie directly into a user's
utility account to track their energy savings and award additional "Impact Points" accordingly.

Through integrations with Facebook and soon other social media platforms, Double Impact leverages the power of the social graph in order to encourage interactivity. The site ranks your impact versus friends and lets users promote completed challenges and how much they've earned for their charity through social media channels.

We know that TreeHugger readers are probably already doing some of the actions Double Impact challenges users to take, but by participating you can help earn money for your chosen charity and hopefully inspire some of your friends to join you in doing even more to help the environment and your wallet.

Give it a try and let us know what you think!


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