Double Impact: The 3 Big Reasons to Always Use Local Food


We've been working with Double Impact to introduce fun challenges that encourage people to lead sustainable lives. This week, we asked you again to help us decide what the next challenge should be! Since summer is wedding season, you told us what you thought was the best way to green your big day. The majority decided that using locally sourced ingredients for the dinner would make for a sustainable wedding day. Here's why:"Local food" and "food miles" are terms that have been tossed around a lot lately. The truth is that eating locally-sourced food is better for you and for the environment, and there are probably more factors involved that you haven't considered.

Here are the big three:

  1. Buying local foods cuts the distance that the food takes to get to your plate. This means that it omits a lot of the harmful emissions that are associated with transporting goods (via truck, plane, boat, etc.) Additionally, it reduces the invisible waste materials that are used to package and ship.
  2. It supports your local economy by giving business to small farmers. Faced by aggressive competition from large food distributors, small local farms often don't do as well. Supporting their products promotes the national economy as well as their business. Plus it adds a personal touch to your plate!
  3. Local food is better in both quality and taste. Getting food from a local distributor gives you better odds of receiving fresh seasonal products, rather than anything genetically modified or injured in transport. Plus, local food is less likely to contain harmful preservatives or have been frozen.
Your wedding is personal, shouldn't the food be too? Buying local is a great way to make an impact on your guests, rather than on the environment.

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