Double Impact: Switch to Rechargeable Batteries

Double Impact Reusable Battery Photo

Earlier in the week we asked you to choose the next Double Impact challenge. The middle of summer is vacation time for many, so you voted on the best way to lower your impact during the season. The majority chose switching to reusable batteries as a good way to keep your gadgets running wherever you go with a smaller footprint.
Here's why ... The manufacturing of any battery is bad on the environment. They contain harmful chemicals and require a lot of manufacturing resources and procedures. However, reusing a rechargeable battery is 20% less harmful than tossing out a one-time-use one. Over the years, many complaints have been issued regarding the life span of rechargeable batteries. Admittedly, they lose their charging capacity much quicker than normal batteries. However, this just means that you need to know how to use them! Since rechargeable batteries drain more rapidly than do standard alkaline batteries, they are reportedly best for use in high-drain electronics, such as that digital camera you are using on vacation! For even higher efficiency, it is recommended that you store your rechargeable batteries in a refrigerator or freezer when they are not in use so that they don't lose their charge as quickly. To further enhance your battery life, you can use a battery reconditioner while they are not in use to keep them ripe and ready to go!

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