Double Impact: Closing Curtains to Minimize A/C Use

Close Custains Vote Screenshot

Continuing our process of finding new challenges for Double Impact, we asked you for your opinion on which new idea would help you conserve resources in your home. In a tight economy, it is important that you save energy, and your money as well. The majority decided that closing the curtains on the sunny side of your home to cut down on A/C is the best way to conserve in these hot summer months.

Here's why:

One of the simplest ways to limit your energy consumption is to lower your air conditioning use and look towards greener methods of cooling. The easiest way to go about this is to make sure your home doesn't gain to much heat during the day. Closing the curtains on the sunny side of your home can keep the heat out and the cold in. What could be easier than that? Reportedly, moving large potted plants in front of sunny windows can have the same shading effect. One Japanese school put a similar practice to use and recorded a 4 degree temperature difference from closed shaded windows!Try giving this simple summer cooling method a try, after all, saving energy and money is always a win/win.

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