Double Impact Challenge: Why Reuse That Bag?

Double Impact challenge
Image: Screenshot via Double Impact

Why do you make environmentally conscious decisions? It can save us money, help the environment and even make us feel good, but what if your green actions could also help your favorite charity? That's the idea behind a new game called Double Impact. We've partnered with the game makers to help explain why the challenges in the game are worth taking.Double Impact is based on earning points for taking different challenges, such as using more efficient light bulbs or eating less meat. Another challenge player can take is to use reusable bags instead of plastic shopping bags. Here's why:

Because some reusable bags take more energy to produce, it's important that you use them often. If you can commit to using your canvas bag 171 times, or something like a Chicobag eleven times or more, then you have made a good decision. Otherwise, chose plastic over paper bags, reuse the bags at the store, repurpose them as trash can liners, and recycle the rest at your local grocery store. Plastic bags never fully degrade and harm the animals that consume them after we dispose of them. So, be sure to make full use of any bag you use!

Sign up for Double Impact here and help support charities by logging the different green lifestyle choices you make each day.


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