Double Impact: 5 Tips for Cooling Your Home with Open Windows

On Monday, we asked you to vote on the next Double Impact challenge. The summer heat is reaching all sorts of records this year and it is hard to find a way to keep cool without using lots of energy. That's why you weighed in and chose your favorite way to cool your home this summer while keeping it green. You decided that the best way is to open windows in your home to avoid cranking up the a/c. Here's why:

Anyone living in a hot environment this time of the year knows that high a/c use means high energy bills, not too ideal for your wallet or the environment. Opening windows in your home allows air to circulate without the use of a fan or a/c. Here are some things to consider when opening up to ventillation.

  1. If possible, choose windows on the North and South sides of your home to avoid letting in heat from the glaring sun.

  2. Keep a light shade or plant in front of the window to block some of the sunlight coming in.

  3. Heat rises so opening up some of those higher windows can allow warmth to easily circulate out of your rooms.

  4. Reportedly, opening both a high and low window can allow the Bernoulli effect (the same principle that allows airplanes to fly) to create a breeze through any room that sucks in cool air and releases the hot -- perfect solution to those hot humid days!

  5. Hang a damp sheet in front of an open window and let it dry. The air and moisture has a nice cooling effect.

Keep these tips in mind and open your windows to a cooler home and smaller energy bill!

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