Double Exposures of Landscapes and Portraits Reconnect Humans with Nature

Portland-based photographer Jon Duenas has a very neat idea for literally reconnecting people with nature: double exposure photographs. His series of photographs superimposing landscapes over portraits of women have a beautiful, sometimes eery, effect.

I asked Duenas about his inspiration:

I've seen some digital manipulations that were along the same lines. But I'm not one for digital manipulations. I prefer creating my images in camera. At the time, I was really diving into shooting with film and really starting to get a feel for the way that film reacts to light and how it differed from the way a digital sensor does. So in a way, the medium itself was a large part of the inspiration. But probably the biggest inspiration is simply the breathtaking scenery all around me here in Portland. This city is such an inspiring place.

Nature-inspired photographs are hard to pass up, especially when they're done in such a wonderful way. Duenas uses film exclusively, and works to get the image just right in-camera.

When I asked what he hoped viewers would get from these nature-inspired images, he replied, "I think that anything the viewer gets when they connect with my photos is much more valuable than anything I could tell you about what I think they're supposed to mean... when I see them, I see the longing I have to connect with my surroundings and with nature, and the knowledge that we're all made up of the same stuff. Not in a metaphysical or abstract way. But in a concrete, scientific way. But like I said, that's what I personally get out of them. What someone else gets is just as valuable and true."

You can pick up some of these amazing images on Etsy.

Double Exposures of Landscapes and Portraits Reconnect Humans with Nature
These beautiful images by a Portland photographer are inspired by the area's natural spaces, and are intended to reconnect us with nature.

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