Don't Panic, It's Organic! Music in Tel Aviv

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The word organic today means so much more than the "organic" derived from the Greek word "organikós," meaning something related to an organ of the body. Today the word has been generalized to relate to something derived from a living organism. If you are a TreeHugger, of course, organic is all about not using chemicals in your new patio garden and and your pesticide-free favorite organic foods.

Known for being edgy and playful, Tel Avivians are using the concept of "organic" in music. And Tel Aviv's "Don't Panic It's Organic" concert this coming Saturday evening, tomorrow, is all about living organisms and the beats and tunes they can create.

What's an organic concert?

According to Karen at Green Prophet, the "Don't Panic It's Organic" concert is a response to the hostile takeover of electronic music in the local Israeli music scene (Israelis are famous for their hard-core rave music and desert parties).

And with Apple's GarageBand software, pre-recorded clips and a Casio keyboard, hey, it's not too hard to let a computer write music for you, while you take all the credit. Hey, I do it. But is it really music you can call your own? Philosophers debate amongst yourselves.

The show in Tel Aviv will ask these questions and is an insistence to return to man-made music, without the machines.
Although some electricity will likely be used to power the lights and instruments, it's a step in the right direction in keeping music simple and real.

All kinds of "organic" man-made music will be playing, including a 7pm kickoff by Schoolmaster (playing funk), hip hop from the Round Table Knights and Cohen@Mushon at 9:30pm. There will also be reggae and swing music in small private rooms.

Want to taste some free organic music? Don't Panic It's Organic is on Saturday 26.7 at The Block (35 David Hackmey, Tel Aviv). Entrance after 9pm is about $10.

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