Don't Miss the Weekend Without Oil August 21 & 22!

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If you prefer to walk or bike instead of using a car, enjoy being outside, use reusable bags, avoid plastic bottles, eat meat sparingly or not at all, research makeup and cosmetic products for safety, carry a refillable water bottle, and generally avoid buying crap you don't need and using the stuff you do have as long as it is useful, then you are well on your way to successfully completing by DoSomething's Weekend Without Oil challenge. So sign the pledge!

The Weekend Without Oil is this weekend - August 21 & 22 - and aims to educate teens and people of all ages about the things they can do to reduce their oil consumption and for those of us that are already doing most of these things, it serves as a nice reminder for the areas we can improve.About The Weekend Without Oil
The Weekend Without Oil aims to help teens (and anyone willing to participate) recognize the many ways that their day-to-day activities increase oil consumption and provide ideas for how to reduce it. Participants are given a list of personal actions they can take and are asked to make a pledge to participate in the weekend-long event. While the activities are personal, by taking the pledge to participate on the same weekend as many others, the participants are able to see what their small personal actions can lead to on a larger scale.

Supporters of the event include Do Something,, My Gulf Action,, @BPglobalPR, AOL Lifestream, EcoFabulous, Fast Company and TreeHugger.

Tell Somebody!
Once you take the pledge, help us spread the word by sharing the link. You can use AOL's Lifestream service to conveniently post to all of your social networks, at once. Since some of the activities, such as the clothing swap, involve friends, be sure to encourage your friends to take the pledge, as well!

If you're on Twitter or Facebook, be sure to follow @DoSomething and give us (@TreeHugger)a shout-out if you're posting about the pledge.

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