Don't Let the Earth Commit Suicide on Chatroulette (Video)


It's easy to be cynical about Earth Day. But it's not easy to create a cynical satire about Earth Day that involves Chatroulette. And yet that's what the ever-inventive folks over at Grist have done here, in this surprisingly charming video about an Earth that's about ready to call it quits. Video's after the jump.

I think it's notable that the phenomenon that Grist is lampooning here--people defending their otherwise consumptive lifestyles by pointing to the green things that they do (and perhaps winkingly at the kind of folks who show up in support of Earth Day, plant a tree, and drive home and leave it at that)--is a relatively new phenomenon. And I think that it indicates progress on some level, that at least there is a pervasive, recognized standard we're not living up to . . . that's something, right?

Anyhow, the takeaway is positive, here--there are enough people that care, even though they maybe don't care as much as they could, that it's worth holding out hope.

Or maybe I just read way too far into a goofy video about a depressed earth trying to kill itself.

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