Domino Magazine Tests Natural Cleaners



Just in time for Spring cleaning, our friends over at Domino Magazine feature an article about eco-friendly cleaning products. As mentioned in our "25 Ways to Save the Planet" yesterday, we've talked about a few that we recommend, but Domino takes it one step further and tested seven different products, all for different uses. Among the cleaning squad was Deanna Haines, owner of ZENhome cleaning in New York City (see past articles on ZENhome here and here) who uses only environmentally friendly products for her clients' homes. We have to say, we expected some of our favorite products to come out on top, but Domino found a few additional ones that we're definitely going to be looking for during our next trip to the market (like the Holy Cow degreaser and Art Home Botanical glass cleaner). The current issue of Domino is available on newsstands. ::Domino Magazine