Does Youth Environmental Literacy Matter To You?


What to do when you recognize the fact that the world's understanding of sustainability is changing much faster than the curriculum being taught in it's schools? Well, starting a non-profit that focuses on the issue is what some folks have done by putting together The Children's Environmental Literacy Foundation. Their vision is to bring about enduring institutional change to education by promoting sustainability as a core K-12 learning framework. Hmmm sound like a "bright idea" to anyone? They go on to say that through early education they believe we can equip students with the knowledge, skills and attitudes that will lead to a sustainable future for everyone. Currently focused in New York State, they go about the process by collaborating with school districts and teachers to raise awareness of sustainable development and to help incorporate it into K-12 education programs. According to their website, "Sustainability education (SE) infuses curriculum and instruction with concepts that link economic prosperity, ecosystems restoration, and social stability." So what exactly are they currently working on? How about the 2007 Annual Students for a Sustainable Future EXPO being held next Thursday, April 26, 2007 at Pace University in Pleasantville, New York. The event already has over 850 students scheduled to attend, and the final count should be well over 1000 which sounds like it should make for an action packed event. And with last years EXPO featuring people like Summer Rayne Oakes(pictured above) and Dr. Paul Mankiewicz of The Gaia Institute along with everything from solar and wind specialists to groups concerned about fair-trade agriculture, organic clothing lines, and even a presentation on Eco-Investing by a representative of Smith Barney; I'm betting that the kids headed to EXPO 2007 are in for an eye-opening experience!