Does Anyone Hug the Tree Huggers?

SMITH + TreeHugger Six Word Memoir Contest

That title was one of the many great TreeHugger-worthy entries to The Green Life, our six-word memoir contest in conjunction with SMITH Magazine. Now, in honor of Earth Day, we're unveiling the top entries from the contest. The grand prize winner--and recipient of an iPod nano etched with the winning memoir? "Saw the light, turned it off" by KayR. "Brilliant! I read my porn online now," by Marcus Eder, was snarky enough to capture second place. Eder can take a break from the hot online action to watch his new prize, a set of Planet Earth DVDs. Check out the four runners-up and honoroable mentions, or submit your own green six-worder after the break.The Green Life Six-Word Memoirs Runners-Up
My solar backpack recharged my soul.
Threat level has reached Code Green.
Walk the talk, and just walk.
Save water, shower with a friend.

Each of these memoirists will receive a copy of SMITH's new best-selling book, Not Quite What I Was Planning: Six Word Memoirs From Writers Famous and Obscure. Below, a few more awesome entries that we felt at deserved special attention.

The Green Life Six-Word Memoirs Honorable Mentions
Play in the dark, it's fun.
Prius Schmius, I gave up meat.
Mom was "earthy," now I'm "green."
Does anyone hug the tree huggers?
I read Tree Hugger every day.
Pee in cup. Water plants. Repeat.
Right now, some dinosaur in chuckling.

Thanks to everyone who sent in their memoir and congrats to the winners! Check out more righteous entries at SMITH, or submit your own. Can you think of a better way to get your Earth Day on?