Documentary Video Shows Off One-Of-A-Kind Island for Artists

Cabin-Time x Rabbit Island from Colin McCarthy on Vimeo.

A while back, we wrote about a pretty amazing purchase. It was an uninhabited island purchased on Craigslist. The buyers wanted to turn it into an environmentally-minded artist residence. And guess what? They've done it.

Over the last year, Rabbit Island has become a place for artists who put sustainability and the planet in a place of priority, and it is slowly evolving into something really special. This documentary by Cabin-Time shows off its origin and features.

From the Vimeo site:

"Cabin-Time is a roaming creative residency to remote places. Rabbit Island is a wild, 91-acre island in Lake Superior off the Keweenaw Peninsula in Michigan's U.P. RI is in the midst of building a remote artist residency program on the island, and hosted Cabin-Time 3 this summer."

Quite a project!

Documentary Video Shows Off One-Of-A-Kind Island for Artists
Rabbit Island is an amazing story, and this short video tells it beautifully.

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